Monday, April 13, 2009

Help us run the market

If you'd like to join in on the fun, but you don't have the time to help with market planning, we are also looking for people to help at the market itself.  Some of the opportunities available each Sunday are:
  • Market greeters: welcome shoppers and measure (people) traffic
  • Vendor liaisons: get to know the day's vendors and serve as the link between them and the on-site market manager (so they get help more quickly without detracting from customer service)
  • Welcome Tent staff: provide shoppers with information about Villebois, the market, vendors and market partners/sponsors; provide information to potential volunteers; and keeper of the volunteer sign-in and sign-out sheet
  • The Green Team: walks the market, helping people find trash cans and recycle bins, helps with set up and take down, and generally keeps the market clean and pollutant free
  • Market Watch: walks the market, helping parents who've lost track of their children (it can happen) and serves as a citizen security force, alerting the on-site market managers to any individuals disrupting the overall peace.

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