Friday, May 8, 2009

Missed Opening Day? Check these out!

Ritchie Bean serenades shoppers as they eat waffles from the Village Waffle Baker and sandwiches from Ribslayer to Go.

Canby Asparagus Farms serves some of the best tamales around, giving 300 away to shoppers on opening day.

Bundles of asparagus for sale at Winters Farms' booth.

Craig Haagenson (of Ribslayer to Go) presents one of his sandwiches to Suzanne Montgomery, the Villebois Sunday Market Historian (she's taking the photo).  Like Craig's lamb burgers, ribs and sausages?  He caters!  Stop by his booth on Sunday to learn more, and be sure to come Sunday, May 17, when Craig will be doing cooking demonstrations next to his BBQ!

Eileen Winters of Winters Farms helps a shopper select produce from her booth.  Did you see that photo of her asparagus (above)?  Yum!!!

Shoppers looking at the hanging baskets at RRJ Enterprises' booth.
(They have some killer deals!)

Villebois' own Bill and Lisa Jensen, who run the Village Waffle Baker, prepare sauces (including a deliciously tart lemon curd) to spread atop Belgian waffles for shoppers craving something both savory and sweet.  The Jensens also offer seasonal paninis, and later this season, depending on customer demand, they'll also offer crepes and beignets!  If you, like me, adore those powdery French doughnuts, please stop by their booth and tell them so.  They can't make them just for me, after all!  :-)

Shoppers look at the variety of goat milk soaps offered by Goldenwood Soap.  This Sunday, May 10, Goldenwood Soap will be bringing their goats to the market.  Moms, after you walk in the parade (at 12:30 p.m.), be sure to take the little ones over to the goats in Crafter's Alley.  It's sure to be a furry, soapy experience!

A big thank you to Suzanne Montgomery
for taking these beautiful photos!

If you would like to share the photos or videos you've taken at the market, please email them to  We would be happy to post them to our blog.

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