Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wondering where some of our vendors have gone?

The Villebois Sunday Market has been fortunate enough to attract a number of high-quality vendors, and with the help of Costa Pacific and Arbor Homes, we were able to expand onto a gravel area off Villebois Drive. Unfortunately, it turns out that gravel is not wheelchair accessible, and so we have had to restructure our market map, reducing the number of available spaces to vendors.

As a market, we are committed to standing by our founding objectives:

  • To provide an informal, social gathering place in an open-air setting;
  • To provide a community-building event in the Villebois Village Center;
  • To give the community access to a wide variety of fresh, local, in-season farm products direct from the producer; and
  • To give local producers a centralized location to provide us with a wide variety of fresh, local, in-season farm products.
This means that we have had to re-evaluate some of our non-farmer vendors, so that we could make more space for farmers who sell produce. So, if you are missing a vendor who is no longer with us, please feel free to contact market management at, and we will do our best to put you into contact with the vendor you miss.

We miss them, too.

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